Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose steel windows and doors?

Steel windows and doors offer narrow sight lines while maintaining strength and stability.  Steel offers the desired architectural appearance while maintaining the strength and security that you desire.  At Acadian, we offer factory finished products that last a lifetime so you don’t have to worry about the durability of your steel windows and doors.

Why should I buy from Acadian? 

At Acadian, we offer a high-quality product to our customers.  We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship.  Our network of qualified dealers will guide you through choosing the correct products for your project.  Our artisans work hard to ensure that you receive your desired look with the highest possible quality.  This results in the most valuable products on the market.  Acadian has been making high-quality products for over a decade.


How long will my steel products last? 

Acadian carries an industry-leading warranty.  At Acadian, we implement I quality control system that allows for your products to arrive to you ready to perform.  Steel windows can last a lifetime if properly maintained.  Steel windows have been being used for over 150 years.  Steel products are a stronger alternative to wood or vinyl and offer superior protection against the elements.


How energy efficient are Acadian steel windows and doors? 

Acadian steel windows and doors are always striving to be more energy efficient.  We are always testing our products to ensure that they meet the strict standard of the NFRC and meet all energy requirements of all local and state municipalities.  With the evolution of thermal steel technology, our steel products are becoming more and more efficient.


Do you make Miami/Dade approved impact products? 

While steel windows are the strongest products in the market, they must go through strenuous testing to be approved to provide products in high wind zones.  Acadian steel windows and doors are currently in the testing phase of this product type.