AIA Continuing Education

As an architect, keeping your education current is essential. As zoning and environmental laws change, and more emphasis is placed on sustainable design, smart professionals can use training as a way to grow their business and earn new clients. It is for this reason that state architecture boards and other professional associations, such as the American Institute of Architects (AIA), mandate that all members undergo a minimal amount of training each year.

For busy professionals, however, taking time off to attend seminars and workshops can put a serious drain on their practice. Fortunately, Lorman Education Services offers AIA-approved continuing education training online, through onDemand content and other innovative course delivery methods.

The AIA’s Role in Continuing Education
Each state has different continuing education requirements for architects and engineers. The AIA is responsible for vetting educational institutions and providing other support to its more than 300 state and local chapters. On the AIA website, you can find a helpful interactive map that displays specific continuing education requirements in your area.