Acadian Iron Works


What makes our Iron Doors so superior?

The Manufacturing Facilities we use to produce all of our Iron Doors must make them according to our strict specifications. We insure that all of our products meet OUR SUPERIOR STANDARDS before ever reaching the consumer. We use only the best materials and construction techniques - we don't take shortcuts.
• Our iron doors are crafted with 12 gauge iron. An average 6’ x 8’ Acadian Iron Works™ door can weigh over 1000lbs. That's because they are also 2” thick - thickest on the market.
• No cracking or warping.
• Iron doors boast a lifetime use.

With such and emphasis on quality, how do we stay competitive on price?

• We have long term partnerships that result in favorable pricing while maintaining the highest quality products.
• We have re-tooled the manufacturing process to exceed U.S. and European standards.
• We ship directly, from our distribution center in Monroe, LA, to your warehouse.
• We take advantage of favorable tariff agreements.
• We price and ship doors with glass installed, threshold welded to frame and the door professionally crated.

No additional costs

Most iron door companies do not provide glass. It must be purchased separately, therefore creating an increase in overall cost. This additionally involves a second contractor to install the glass, further driving up the cost and adding hassle for the buyer. We price and ship doors with glass installed, and the threshold welded to frame. The doors are also professionally packaged and crated to ensure they arrive safely to your job site.

Custom made projects

• We transform ideas into reality with our custom door projects. Design your own scroll work or choose from our gallery of door designs.
• CAD drawings are created to ensure that the right design, size and configuration meets your needs.
• Any of our designs can be made as either single or double doors. They can also be made with matching transoms and sidelights. Wine cellar doors, entry gates and fencing are also available.
• Doors may be ordered to swing in or swing out.